Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Horses: WILD

Portabella Mushrooms, i like them.

This is one of my earlier art pieces in consciously trying to make art to show, years ago. The pictures on paper were taken from a National Geographic Magazine. A friend/Timmy Vulgar, offered to buy it from me at the time, because he thought the girl with the cat on her shoulder was hot, ha. This reminds me of the only time I went horse back riding as well in tip of the thumb of michigan in Port Austin. The horses absolutely freaked out. My horse kept trying to knock me into branches. My friends horse tried to buck her off and almost kicked me in the face. Then my friend's horse pulled the leather strap from her hands and booked it through a field, so the instructor had to chase them down. Then to top it all, riding back to the stable, a horse bucked this large lady off and she got sort of drug across the dirt, which then triggered every other horse to start freaking out and booking across the field as well. The horse I was on ran straight for the stable full speed. I thought we were going to crash or jump or something, but halted to a stop right at the fence. It was super scary.

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